Newville Scorpions Isshinryu Karate


Kata are the forms that students learn as they progress through the belt ranks.  Each kata is a specific series of techniques performed by the student against imaginary opponents their own size. This helps them focus their punches, kicks and blocks. 

Every kata teaches new techniques and dachi for the student to add to their fighting skills in addition to stressing particular strategic concepts.  For example, some kata stress the “basic” kicks, punches and stances.  Some kata have kicks while others do not, some teach grabs and throws, and some teach 180 or 360 degree turns, then some kata stress breathing and muscular tension… etc.  Great emphasis is placed on the Isshin Ryu kata.  Students must show skill and understanding of the kata if they are to advance through the ranks.  Students begin learning weapons kata at the Green Belt level. 

*All weapons kata have 4 opponents (except Bo-Bo).  





Sanchin (This is a breathing kata) 0
Seisan 4
Seiunchin 6




BO-BO (2 Person Bo Kata) 1
Wansu 4
Chinto 2
Tokumine no Kun (Bo Kata) 4
Ku San Ku




Chatan Yara no Sai (sai kata) 4
Urashi Kun (bo kata) 4
Ku San Ku Sai


(sai kata)




Hamahiga no Tonfa (tonfa kata) 4
SU N SU (Created by Master Shimabuku) 4
Shi Shi no Kun Dai (bo kata) 4



By the time a student has learned all the kata required to be promoted to the next belt color, they have usually had sufficient time to learn the Basics, self-defense, and the history along with other general skills involving Karate.  They are then ready to be checked for a promotion to the next belt level in rank.



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